SAT Kaplan Self Paced

SAT Kaplan Self Paced

Looking for SAT test prep that works with your schedule? Our Self-Paced course is our most flexible option!

Whether you can’t make it to a scheduled class time or if you just prefer working alone, Kaplan’s Self-Paced course makes it easy for you to get the quality, personalised prep you need.  Simply log into your online account and you’re on your way to scoring higher.

With self-study, you get the Kaplan advantage:

  • Prepare Everywhere
    • Our Self-Paced option allows you to study at your own pace from any location that has internet access! Our most flexible course, this package is designed to for those of you who are too busy to adhere to a strict schedule or who are better self-taught.
  • Expert Instructors
    • Kaplan-certified teachers deliver video tutorials, which you have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for six months. Our tutors are the best in their class, all scoring in the top 10 percent or above on the SAT.
  • 8 Practice Tests
    • You will recieve 8 full-length practice tests over the course of your Self-Paced program. These tests are essential for understanding which areas are your weakest and strongest. When you know which area you need more work on, you can focus more time on those subjects!
  • Practice Questions
    • Gain confidence by assessing yourself with customized quizzes with a collection of 1000+ questions.
  • Smart Reports System
    • Exclusive to Kaplan, you will recieve progress reports throughout your Self-Paced course which allow you to measure your performance on the practice tests and homework assignments. This will help you to gauge your strongest and weakest areas.
  • Personalized Study 
    • Unique study plan tailored to your specific learning needs and goals. You will recieve 50 hours of informative lessons taught by our expert SAT tutors and over 1,000 online practice questions to help get you exam ready

Price : 280 € (+shipping cost)

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