What is Admissions Consulting?

The university admissions process (both for undergraduate, graduate, and MBA programs) differs by country,institution, and program. It is a demanding and complex process, and we prepare you to distinguish yourself with a coherent and comprehensive strategy to emphasize your credentials, accomplishments, and motivation.

Our Unique Coaching Method

Academic background

We have a strict policy of hiring only graduates from top North American and European universities. A number of the current graduates we hire are from top MBA: INSEAD, Harvard, London Business School …

Result oriented

More than half of our clients are directly referred by past clients. We guarantee that you will receive all the attention you need and that we wuill be dedicated to your success.

Cultural sensitivity

We are well aware of the difficulties that applicants from non-English speaking countries may encounter in the application and admission process, however, we are well equipped to tackle these difficulties to achieve the best possible results.

A successful complete approach

When a school reviews your application, they are going to look at a lot more than just your essays. Each of the required elements play a critical role in ensuring your application gets you accepted, and aybe even a scholarship. We make sure that your entire application is perfectly taken care of, and we work closely with you each step of the way.

Admissions Coaching Steps

Profile evaluation

Strategic Plan

Application Coaching

Get Admitted

Profile Evaluation

We will start as an informal discussion based on your CV/ resumé, your career goals, academic aspiration and your chances of attending a top program.


We will show you how to set up a timetable to juggle between your application, professional & personal life, and to ensure that everything is finished on time.


It is vital to understand that every top-tier business school has unique culture and specific expectations for applicants. We will work with you to position yourself so that you appeal to each program. This positioning will be the core of the strategy and will need to be developed in every element of your application

School Selection

We will then start selecting a first list of schools that best fit your needs. We will narrow down this list to finally apply to 3 to 5 schools depending on your academic background, career goals & GMAT score.

CV/ Resumé

Your CV will show the Admissions Director all the elements he/she needs to understand who you are, and why you will be a good recruit.


This phase is split in 2 stages: Essay Development & Essay Editing. Once the content of the essays has been validated and optimised to convey the right message, your essays will be edited and reviewed.

Letter of Recommendation

We will determine with you the right people to endorse you and draft outlines for them.

Application Form

Our in-depth approach to editing your application includes ensuring that the key points have been covered, checking for spelling and grammatical errors and suggesting areas of improvement.

Interview Prep

We will work with you to develop your interview skills and develop a winning mindset. We will give you direction on answering the tough questions that are covered in real interviews.


We provide assistance by helping you apply to a number of scholarships in order to reduce your tuition fees.

Waitlist Action

We offer a unique service where we give expert advice to students who wish to identify how to manager the waitlist in order to be accepted.

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